2nd Asia-Arab Sustainable Energy Forum

Dimanche 6 novembre 2011

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Second Asia-Arab Sustainable Energy Forum
Second Asia-Arab Sustainable Energy Forum

Below, please find an update in regards to the 2nd Asia-Arab Forum of Sustainable Energy, which includes the 4th International workshop on Sahara Solar Breeder and will take place on May 15 & 16, 2012 in Oran, Algeria.

We hope to welcome all of you in the beautiful city of Oran in May !

Organisers & Partners

  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering Faculty of the University of Sciences & Technology of Oran (USTO-MB) ;
  • Electrical Engineering Laboratory of Oran (LGEO, USTO-MB) ;
  • Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and Materials Sciences (LMESM, USTO-MB) ;
  • University of Saïda ;
  • URER/MS Renewable Energy Centre, Adrar.

Energy security, Economic growth and Environmental protection are the national energy policy drivers of any country of the world. Moreover, energy is central to achieving the interrelated economic, social, and environmental aims of sustainable human development, the renewable energies.

The financial, energy and climate crises are individually serious issues, but in combination their impact could be catastrophic for the global economy.

Even as we move into a global economic downturn there are growing calls from scientist, economist and politicians for an accelerated transformation towards low carbon energy supply and resource productive economies. To move forward will require new and more efficient solutions, technologies and products alongside behavioural change.

Scenarios to create a vision for the future of global energy supply, such as the Sahara Solar Breeder project being not only an energy solution but an integrated community, socio-economic, industrial, agricultural, environmental, and science and technology development solution, will guide decision makers and help understand the limitations of our ‘mental maps’ of the world – to think the unthinkable, anticipate the unknowable and utilise both to make better strategic decisions so that the progress serves better the future of the humanity.

Honorary chair

  • Pr. A. Derdour, the rector of USTO-MB

General Chairs

  • Pr. A. Boudghene Stambouli (USTO-MB)
  • Pr. H. Koinuma (University of Tokyo, NIMS, Pusan National University)
  • Pr. K. Kurokawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Organising committee Pr. S. Flazi, President, Z. Khiat, S. Bettahar, A. Daoud, S. Djerroud, M.T. Benmessaoud, M. Adnane, T. Sahraoui, M. Chali and D. Derouiche (Jamel El-Alamia of the Algerian radio and TV Company)

International Advisory board

Y. Kitamura, H. Fujioka, Y. Furuya, T. Kawahara, S.Yamaguchi, T. Matsuura, H. Ueno, M. Sumiya, K. Kurokawa, I. Nakai, K. Itaka, S. Hannachi, S. Flazi, N. Benharrats, A. Tahri, M. Rahli, L. Benasla, S. Hamzaoui, A. Midoun, M. Zerdali, M. Della, B. Belgoumene, Y.Miloud, A. Miloudi, M. Mostefai, M. Draou and M. Hamouda

Call for papers

This is a cordial invitation to submit papers on all aspects of energy and its impacts, environment and sustainable development and join this vibrant scientific/engineering community by attending the conference to share knowledge and network with colleagues from all over the world. The papers will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee for presentation and conference proceedings publication acceptance, and selected papers would be recommended for publication consideration in RIGEL (Revue Internationale de Génie Electronique) international journal of the University of Sciences and Technology of Oran where they will be available to the international scientific community.

Conference topics

You are invited to submit high-quality papers on the following areas :

Focal themes

  • Energy & Development ;
  • Environment & Sustainability ;
  • Regional cooperation for sustainable development of energy systems and
  • Special session and workshop on Sahara Solar Breeder project for the initiative of Sahara solar plan directed towards global clean energy superhighway : On the fourth anniversary of the SSB project launching date, a special session is planned as a part of the conference activities that includes : innovative Si technology, energy from the desert and high-temperature superconducting cable technology and development trends.

Plenary and invited speakers (tentative list)

Ambassador of Japan to Algeria, Okaya (JST), Mr. Kurakata (JICA), Shimada (JBIC), F. Kuznetsov (Russia), K. Poladov (Turkmenistan), A. Akyyev (Turkmenistan), Vinod K. Kaul (India), Huey-Liang Hwang (Taiwan), Salah Hannachi (Tunisia), M. Yamamoto (NEDO), K. Miura (Taiheiyo Cement), Y. Kitamura (Japan), H. Fujioka(Japan), Y. Furuya (Japan), T. Kawahara , (Japan), S.Yamaguchi (Japan), T. Matsuura (England), H. Ueno(Japan), M. Sumiya (Japan), K. Kurokawa (Japan), I. Nakai (Japan), K. Itaka (Japan), S. Alamri (KSA), E. Tochan (Syria), A. Tami (Oman), M. Emziane (Masdar, UAE), D.Kumetat (Germany), A. Al-Salaymeh (Jordan), D. ZEJLI (Morocco), O. Badran (Jordan), H. Ben Jamaa (France), M. Belhamel (CDER, Algeria), Baddis Derradji (NEAL, Algeria), M. Boumaour (CDTS, Algeria), B. Benyoucef (Tlemcen, Algeria), H. Benmoussa (Batna, Algeria), M. Zeroual (Batna, Algeria), A. Chaker (Constantine, Algeria), C. Benachaiba (Bechar, Algeria), M. Hamouda (URERMS Adrar, Algeria), B. Belgoumene (Saida, Algeria), Ali Cheknan (Laghouat, Algeria), S. Flazi (USTO, Algeria), A. Midoun (USTO, Algeria), A. Tahri (USTO, Algeria), S. Hamzaoui (USTO, Algeria), Y. Miloud (Saida, Algeria), A. Miloudi (Saida, Algeria), M. Mostefai (Saida, Algeria), M. Draou (URERMS, Algeria)...

Paper submission

Papers are invited on the topics outlined and others falling within the scope of the conference. Authors must first register, by filling the registration form, and afterwards submit their paper in a word format (06 pages maximum) to the e-mail address 2AASEF@univ-usto.dz

Papers should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work to be described in the final paper. Final acceptance will be based on the full-length paper, which if accepted for publication, must be presented at the conference. All communications during the review process of the paper will be conducted via the above e-mail address.

The language of the conference will be English. Papers that are in a PDF format will be rejected.

We look forward to receiving your papers.

Conference Website

Registration support


Conference venue

  • Lecture Hall of the University of Sciences & Technology of Oran (USTO-MB) (tentative)

Conference fee (payment on desk)

Full participation : will be announced Reduced participation : will be announced Accompanying persons : will be announced

It includes : Publication of your paper(s) in a special issue of RIGEL, CD-ROM, 2 meals and coffee-breaks per day and one banquet in the Hotel.

Conference aims and purposes and benefits for authors

  • Keep up-to-date on the latest advances in the field of Energy, Environment and Sustainability ;
  • Inform the conference participants on the Sahara Solar Breeder(SSB) plan, and its potential to provide a reliable, affordable, more efficient, environmentally friendly supply of energy to the whole world ;
  • Collaborate with experts from around the world ;
  • Inform the conference participants on the current global energy paradigm and its sustainability ;
  • Reviewed paper by members of the International Scientific Committee ;
  • Selected papers will be processed for publication in RIGEL international journal of the University of Sciences and Technology of Oran where they will be available to the international scientific community.

Conference deadlines

  • February 15 th, 2012 : Submission of full-length papers for review
  • February 28 th, 2012 : Reviews returned to authors
  • March 15 th, 2012 : Submission of final papers
  • March 30 th, 2012 : Acceptance of papers
  • May 15th-16th, 2012 : Conference dates


The deadline for early registration is February 5 th, 2012. You can register by sending an e-mail message to 2AASEF@univ-usto.dz

Visa letter

If you require a visa letter for your entry to Algeria, please send a request by e-mail to 2AASEF-support@univ-usto.dz


The conference offers great possibilities in regards to sponsorships. The forum offers the opportunity to be directly involved by way of sponsorship to organisations that benefit directly from the business generated by materials, energy and environment. For these groups, the forum offers not only a return represented by their products being exposed, but also a chance to be a cornerstone partner in the forum and communicate about the role that they play in the energy and materials field to a large number of researchers and experts from a variety of countries. If you wish to support the forum and there are other ways in which your organization would like to be involved, we welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will adopt a flexible approach to sponsors, and may be able to negotiate to meet your needs.

Please contact the conference secretariat for details at 2AASEF-sponsor@univ-usto.dz

Hotel reservations

Rooms can be booked through our contact e-mail : 2AASEF-contact@univ-usto.dz

RIGEL, the International Revue on Electronics Engineering

All submitted papers will have opportunities for consideration for the special issue of RIGEL. The selection will be carried out during the review process as well as at the conference presentation stage. Submitted papers must not be under consideration by any other journal or publication. The final decision will be made based on peer review reports by the guest editors from the conference and the Editor-in-Chief jointly.

Contact us

Send us your question, queries or remark on 2AASEF-contact@univ-usto.dz We would also appreciate if you could disseminate this invitation through your Department or Institution.

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2nd Asia-Arab Sustainable Energy Forum
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Second Asia-Arab Sustainable Energy Forum

Second Asia-Arab Sustainable Energy Forum

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